Celebrate Life’s Special Moments With Glass Art and Jewelry


Do you have a favorite photo of your dogs, cats, horses, children, family, & friends? Baby photos?  Wedding photos? Vacation photos?  Do you have vintage photos of relatives that you wish you could enjoy every day? 


 You can enjoy those precious memories every day in fused glass art and jewelry.  Your special photo can be fused into glass plates, bowls, platters, coasters, ornaments, pendants, earrings,keychains, money clips, and decorative plaques. 

 Q by Dezine will turn your favorite photo into a work of art that you can display and enjoy every day.  The process is perfect even for vintage photos because the photos are not harmed in the process. Q by Dezine will work with you to ensure that the final design reflects your personal memory with as much or as little artistic embellishment as you prefer. My mission is to create a piece that reflects and magnifies everything in the photo that grabs your heart.  


 My Process: 

Q by Dezine uses a digital image of your favorite photo or a scanned image of vintage photos and other non-digital graphics.  The image is  edited for size  and other parameters so it is optimal for fusing on glass. Photographs are not harmed in this process, and non-digital photos will be returned to you with the finished piece. The image is printed on special paper and the background is cut away.  The image is applied to the glass and an artistic design is created to enhance the image.  The piece is fired in the kiln and may return to the kiln a second or third time for further decoration or slumping.   

 In addition to photos, graphics such as club or company logos, and text (name, date, event, etc.) can be fused.

      Your favorite inspirational saying or recipe can be fused onto glass. 


 The fused image has a lovely sepia tone, much like a vintage photograph, and has an incredible level of detail, as you can see in the Angus plaque, Rooi plate, and Dingo pin.


   Angus (5"x5" plaque)           Rooi (7"x7" plate)            Dingo (1.25"x 1.75"pin)

 The background and/or the image can be colorized with glass enamels and fired again.  In the Gibson plate, the background was colorized and fired, and then the image was fused onto the plate.  In Boomer’lot, the image was fused and then the piece, including the fused image of Boomer, was painted with glass enamels and fired again                          


      Gibson (10"x10" plate)                     Boomer'lot (5"x10" plaque)

 *** The plates, platters, and bowls are food safe and can be used for eating or serving food. 

Custom Orders:  Allow me to design the art piece of your dreams.  I have worked collaboratively with clients to design special pieces that are uniquely theirs and/or meet the special needs of their business.  Contact Susan at welderlady@msn.com  or 609-251-0971 for a consultation.

 Susan Burkart

Q by Dezine